Respected Business Hollywood Agent Alan Morell Appointed to the Board of Hush


VIRGINIA BEACH, VA, April 08, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — via NewMediaWire — Announced today by HUSH AEROSPACE, fabled Hollywood Agent Alan Morell of Creative Management Partners LLC has been appointed to the Board of HUSH AEROSPACE as KEY ADVISOR.  Mr. Morell joins Board Members, founder, CEO Zachary Johns and Chairman J. Bernard “Bernie” Rice, former CFO EVP Corporate Development IBM, Venture Capital Group Technology Software.


HUSH AEROSPACE LLC. was founded in 2019 as a Virginia Limited Liability Corporation. It is headquartered in Virginia Beach, VA 


Hush Aerospace is a UAV Design and Manufacturing company located in an 88k square foot facility in Virginia Beach, VA with an international office located in the UK.  

Hush Aerospace Headquarters houses an Indoor Flight Test Range, Design, and Manufacturing floors within the facility. 

As a company, Hush Aerospace is a growing American business that fulfills product design, prototyping, analysis, and manufacturing of Unmanned Aerial Systems (sUAS) for achieving multi-modal mission capability across air and water. 

Our company goal is to change the way the UAV industry is perceived by creating reliable platforms that are capable of long flight times and are payload agnostic but with an emphasis on lowering the acoustic signature of vehicles so they are designed to be integrated into day to day life. 

Hush platforms have been and are currently being used across both government agencies and within the private sector as a reliable way to lower the end-users costs while safely saving time through unique platform designs.  

Our goal is to efficiently introduce market sustainable solutions that can be integrated into daily lives as a way to save time, money, and better everyday life.

Said Founder CEO of HUSH AEROSPACE Zachary Johns: “Alan brings to HUSH AEROSPACE his 4 decades of A-list partnership contacts across Fortune 500 companies, which incorporates his proven MASTER STRATEGY track record, on monetizing our company IP, Media Marketing and Licensing.”

Said Chairman J. Bernard Rice: “I felt the ideal Executive to assist HUSH at this early stage was Alan Morell. Hush leverages its world-class design skills to deliver innovative flight vehicles with autonomous capabilities saving time, money and lives.”

Said Alan Morell: “Zak is the true-to-life Tony Stark IRONMAN; pure genius and visionary within the Aerospace sector. His NASA pedigree is incredible. It is such an honor and pleasure to be appointed to the Board of HUSH AEROSPACE as KEY ADVISOR by Zak, alongside my valued client Chairman J. Bernard “Bernie” Rice. I am very excited about the future of HUSH and share Zak, and Bernie’s vision.”

About Mr. Zachary Johns: Hush Aerospace Founder & CEO:

Zak Johns has been an aviation aficionado since he was a toddler. He started…

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