Top Penny Stocks Today To Add To Your April 2021 List


Top Penny Stocks For Your List Right Now

Penny stocks are some of the highest risk investments you can make. But their innate ability to record explosive gains is undeniable. What are penny stocks? All we’re talking about here are stocks under $5. According to the Securities & Exchange Commission, this is the formal definition of penny stocks.

As a result, even a 50 cent move can mean big gains for traders. One of the hardest things to master is consistent profitability without blowing up your trading account. Why would I say this? With so much attention on Reddit penny stocks, hype and emotions are coming first instead of fundamental research and technical analysis. This is where terms like “YOLO,” “HODL,” and “Diamond Hands” become the norm. All of these reference is the process of buying and holding at different levels of portfolio allocation.

I, for one, am not against using social media to get a temperature on sentiment. However, using that as your sole reason for buying or selling stocks can get you in trouble if you don’t know how to trade in the first place. Earlier today, we put out an article, “Reddit Penny Stocks & The Risks Of Social Media Trading In 2021.” In it, we explained the dangers and overal risk of just using social media to find the best penny stocks to buy.

The hype factor plays a key role in many breakout stock picks. But once the hype dies down, fundamentals and technicals are usually relied upon more. This is where the true test comes in. Do fundamentals and technicals stand up against the massive hype that has preceded a big rally? In most cases, there’s a decent-sized pullback, and that’s what we saw in a recently hyped Reddit penny stock, EEENF. The details are in the article referenced above. Needless to say, it’s important to understand the basics of how to day trade in these cases. It can help avoid significant losses at the very least.

Top Penny Stocks Today

With that point addressed, what are some of the top penny stocks today? You can look at broader sectors, or you can look at specific companies. The market as a whole is trading around all-time highs today, which has helped give a boost to many stocks. Regardless of this, whether the broader trend is up or down, there are usually plenty of penny stocks to watch.

  1. GT Biopharma Inc. (NASDAQ: GTBP)
  2. Odonate Therapeutics (NASDAQ: ODT)
  3. Fortress Biotech Inc. (NASDAQ: FBIO)
  4. Zosano Pharma Corp. (NASDAQ: ZSAN)
  5. Galectin Therapeutics Inc. (NASDAQ: GALT)

1. GT Biopharma Inc. (NASDAQ: GTBP)

At this point, GT Biopharma is a former penny stock to watch. But it has been one of the top names on our list discussed over the last few months. We’ve watched the company uplist from the OTC to the NASDAQ. We’ve also seen key milestones reached over the last few months.

The company’s main focus is advancing its immune therapy pipeline and treatment platform. GT’s tri-specific natural killer…

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