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Shift Into 5G Could Fuel a Rally in These 3 Stocks

The tech world is in the midst of a shake-up. Since the end of 2017, the new 5G wireless technology has been moving forward, bringing with it a combination of faster connection speeds and lower latency, and the promise of great changes in how we connect to the online world. New technologies – connected automobiles and agile IoT come to mind – would not be possible without 5G.Investment research firm HSBC Global, in a recent report on the advent of 5G tech, takes up the questions of whether the new networking is a boom or a bust. Specifically, HSBC asks why 5G has been underwhelming – so far. Industry expert Professor William Webb notes that 5G’s rollout has not lived up to the hype, even in Asia where networks are more extensive and better integrated. He describes the technology as ‘evolutionary, not revolutionary.’Webb points out several areas where 5G clearly needs further evolution: the expansion of networks, which will necessitate further buildouts of towers and cells; smoother transitions between cells; and improved functionality, once devices are connected. In his view, 5G is a beginning rather than an end.Commenting on Webb’s views, and on the technology generally, HSBC’s Head of Telecoms Neale Anderson, writes, “[We] see it as unfortunate (although sadly inevitable) that 5G was rushed to market… The bar will further be raised by mmWave services, which have been launched in the US, and recently in Asia in Japan. We see this as the ‘real’ 5G, and expect it to open up – albeit slowly – new opportunities for operators.”Whether 5G underwhelms or overwhelms in the short term, in the longer term it is here to stay – and that means some stocks are going to gain as 5G expands. Wall Street’s analysts have been busy finding those stocks, and the TipRanks database has the scoop. Here are three of them.Inseego Corporation (INSG)First up, Inseego, is a wireless and mobile hotspot company. As can be imagined, the company has gained directly from the moves toward increased remote work and virtual offices. The stock is up 27% this year, even after accounting for high volatility in April and August.Inseego has a direct concern in 5G. As a wireless provider, the company cannot afford to ignore the new tech, and is directly involved in developing and marketing home-use 5G routers. Inseego has an ongoing partnership with Verizon on networking and hardware, and is also working to expand its hotspots to IoT uses. The company has not ignored the innards of the devices, and works with Qualcomm on advanced 5G router chips.Like many networking providers, Inseego has performed at the financial level. Quarterly revenues have posted sequential gains through 2020, with Q3 exceeding $90 million at the top line. Q3 EPS showed a loss of 6 cents; the loss was considered normal, as Inseego, again like many other tech firms, typically shows a net loss per share. The…

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